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Take an Active Role with Additional Resources

This section of provides resources that offer helpful information and support for patients with carcinoid syndrome. However, remember to always use your doctor or nurse as your main source of information.

30-Second NET Questionnaire
Want help identifying and understanding what symptoms could be a sign of a neuroendocrine tumor (NET)? Click here to view and print the questionnaire for review with your doctor.

Carcinoid Syndrome Symptom Assessor
Use the Symptom Assessor to learn about symptoms so you can talk to your doctor about this condition. You can also download a Symptom Diary to track your symptoms.

Common Questions
Get answers to your questions about carcinoid syndrome. Read FAQs about how this condition is diagnosed and managed, what to talk to your doctor about, and information about playing an active role in your care.

Download "Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Carcinoid Disease" before your next doctor's appointment.

Web Resources
Find a list of helpful websites with more information about carcinoid syndrome. There are also organizations listed that offer support groups and education about this condition.

Read definitions of terms related to carcinoid syndrome. These range from symptoms of the condition to diagnostic tests to treatment options.